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recycle a car ready for scrap

Has your vehicle reached the end of its life? Does your car need extensive repairs that just aren't affordable? Get money back for your scrap vehicle with Scrap Your Car Newcastle. Based in Gateshead, we're ideally located for Newcastle and Sunderland - call us today for more information on our services.

Scrap cars bought at top rates

• Experienced vehicle breakers

• Committed to recycling and responsible disposal

• Best prices for all scrap cars bought

• MOT failures and accident damaged vehicles

• A hassle-free, convenient vehicle scrappage service

• Cars repaired and dismantled for resales and parts

• Cash payments available for intact vehicles

Your local vehicle scrappage and salvage team

Got a question for our scrap car specialists? Want a valuation on your old motor? Call Scrap Your Car Newcastle - we'll answer your queries and provide you with a quote for purchase. Need us to pick up your vehicle? We offer free local car collection throughout Gateshead and Newcastle.

Get a fantastic price for your scrap vehicle

Contact our experienced vehicle breakers and get a fantastic price for your unwanted vehicle.

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